About Project Celebration

Project Celebration is a parent & community-driven group that raises money to host a drug and alcohol-free, safe alternative after-Prom lock-in.  Project Celebration also helps raise money for the senior breakfast, promenade festivities, and the senior gift to the school.  Project Celebration is not the Prom Committee (which is student-driven).  Project Celebration is independent of the school and is not funded at all by Aledo ISD.

Project Celebration: an all-night lock-in for all seniors with many fun activities and lots of prizes to ensure prom night is both memorable and safe.

Senior Breakfast: End-of-year breakfast and slide show just for seniors.

Promenade: Red carpet walk held at the high school showing off all the beautiful and handsome seniors to the community before heading off to prom. Photo and backdrops available for lots of photos.